Monday, January 18, 2010

Did you miss any Christmas freebies?

I had a lot of freebies posted during the month of December in the "Sweet Christmas" and "Paws 4 Christmas" themes. Just in case you missed some with all of the holiday madness I am posting all the links again. And the pictures. Here we go!

Now those of you with eagle eyes and great memories are going "Umm Ann, didn't you forget one?  Aren't the Sweet Christmas Grungy Papers missing? And what about all the Sweet Christmas freebies that were given away at"  Glad you asked!  The Bits2Kits Sweet Christmas daily freebies (those by me) and the Grungy papers have been packaged together and are now for sale at a very low price.  Here are the new previews.

This "Sweet Christmas" package is all of the non pet themed elements that were given away on December 3rd and 25th plus the blog Grungy Papers.  It is economy priced at only $1 and you can purchase it here.

This Sweet Christmas package is all 14 Snowflake themed papers that were given away on December 22nd and 27th.  It is priced at only $1 and can be purchased here.

And for the pet lovers, there are 3 choices:

Cat lovers can get "Sweet Christmas Paws 4 Cats" for only $1 here.
Dog lovers can get "Sweet Christmas Paws 4 Dogs" for only $1 here.
And those whose lives are blessed with both cats and dogs can get "Sweet Christmas Paws (4 Cats & Dogs) for just $1.50 here.

And for those of you who missed it all and want it all...

You can get the giant economy sized and priced "Sweet Christmas Biggie Collection" of every single "Sweet Christmas" freebie for only $2.75 right here.

But wait a minute.... those prices I gave you aren't exactly right.  For the first week everything is on sale for 25% off!  That means the $1 items are only 75 cents.  And the giant biggie collection is only $2.06!!!

OK, since you have been good and patient through my sales pitch, here are the freebie links.  I have done a new combined download of all 4 "Sweet Christmas" freebies together.  (Sorry, the "Paws 4 Christmas" downloads are still separate.)

Get all 4 of the "Sweet Christmas" freebies on 4 shared here

**** updated 11/27/2010 *** sorry, individual links no longer available.

To get the "Paws 4 Christmas Xtras" freebie on 4shared click here

To get the "Paws 4 Snowflake Papers" freebie on 4shared click here.

To get the "Paws 4 Christmas Blues" freebie on 4shared click here

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, Funky New You

It's the first of the month and the first of the year. That means a new monthly collaboration mega-kit at and a freebie for you to promote it. Here is your freebie's preview:

I know, you are going "OMG Ann, those are some wild and funky papers! They are so bright and loud! I can't take it after all that partying I did last night! OMG! Is the whole mega kit that loud??!!!!"

Well put the ice pack back on your head and relax. This freebie is NOT extras from the mega-kit. Everything I made went into the mega-kit, no leftovers. I was just so busy and pressed for time that I went to my stash of already made papers to get your freebie this month. (The paper on the far right sorta goes with my kit "Bohemian Fantasy")

The theme for the Bits2Kits January 2010 collaboration mega kit is "New Year New You." It was designed for scrapping "365 projects" and layouts about you. Here is the collab preview:

For the special price of $6 this month you get:

77 papers, 42 solid and textured and 34 patterned all at high resolution 12" x 12" 300 ppi

1 calendar, 2 balloons, 1 bling, 1 clip,
11 ribbons, 12 feathers, 12 flowers,
1 gift list, 8 frames ( including clusters),
4 hats, 2 weekly planners, 2 borders, 4 bows,
1 bracket, 3 buttons, 6 leaves, 1 owl
4 torn papers, 4 pebbles, 2 swirls, 3 tags
1 tree, 1 clock, 1 bottle, 1 candle,
1 glass, 1 firework explosion, 2 photo masks,
14 tabs, 1 notebook, 1 pencil, 8 strings,
1 stitches, 3 aprons, 6 belts, 3 dresses,
4 excersise bikes, 4 cosmetics, 3 purses,
3 slippers, 6 sunglasses, 3 swimsuits,
5 bags, 4 treadmills, 4 weight benches,
4 journalling, 2 staples, 2 brads,
5 mini flowers, 4 mini hearts, 4 mini stars

lots of labels with dates, days and months inlcuded

14 word arts
3 alphas
1 set of styles

Templates: double pages, monthly pages and weekly pages

10 Quick pages

And to further entice a sale, here is a close up of my contribution:

I went a bit literal of the theme of a new you, with make-up and dresses and swimsuits and exercise equipement to help you get into that swimsuit.... (If only you could burn calories making cyber exercise equipement embellishments!)

You can get "New Year New You" for the sale price of only $6 during the month of January here.

And for your bold and bright, loud and proud "Funky Papers" freebie click here.

I would love to see anything you make with this freebie, or with any of my products.