Sunday, May 29, 2011

Computer is fixed, so here is the belated blog hop freebie!

OK, who all remembers that I was suppose to be a part of a Blog Hop of freebies back at the beginning of the month for iNSD?  And my computer broke right before, remember now?  Well I finally got my computer back from the repair shop and all reconfigured this week.  So here is your belated blog hop freebie.  It is a cluster frame made to go with the Spring-Sational Build-A-Kit series.  Remember that?  A lot of the Divine Digital designers made stuff using the same color palatte that would all go together to make a giant mega-kit.  And each part cost only $1.  These were my two parts that fortunately I got uploaded the night before my computer died:
Did you get them?  If not, you can still get them for just $1 here and here.

But most importantly, do you want more?  I sure hope so because I had more in the works when my computer went down.  I have finished up two more parts and they are now in the store and only $1 each!!
Three, count 'um, 3 alpha packs for just $1 and you can purchase them here.  And how about:
This is my first time to do a pack of "stacked papers" and I hope y'all like them.  The idea is that I stack and arrange the papers and cluster a bunch of elements.  All you have to do is add your pictures, journaling and maybe a few more elements.  Not quite a quickpage, but close with more room for your personalization.  And you can buy them here for just $1.

And please check out my whole store here.  Prices have been reduced to $1, $2 and $3 on most kits.

Thank you for sitting through my sales pitch.  You download your freebie *** Sorry, freebie has been redone  Please check newer posts for newer links ***. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Computer still broke! :((

My PC is still in the shop.  They are now replacing the motherboard.  This loaner PC is not very powerful.  I did install Photoshop CS4 on it so I could do some work, but it is really slow at refreshing the screen.  Sometimes it doesn't refresh the screen at all unless I move the window around.  Anyway, the two parts of SpringSational that I got loaded into the store the night before the crash are still priced at just $1 each.
Purchase for just $1 here

Purchase for just $1 here

These are part of a "Build-A-Kit" series, so there are other items by other designers using the same color scheme.  That being said, would y'all be interested if I did another elements pack of more conventional elements like bows, ribbons and tags?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Computer broke, so I can't do the blog hop :((((

My computer died Friday morning.  It might be the video card.  I am back online with a loaner pc.  But, the bad news is that the iNSD blog hop freebie is in the broken computer sitting on the repair shop shelf.  I will get it to you as soon as I can, but it might be a while.

But you can go to all the other Divine Digital Blog Hop Blogs and pick up their freebies!

Here is the Blog Roll of participating designers:

Jennifer Z Digital Designs -
Aimee Harrison Design Studios -

But there is some good news.  For iNSD many of the Divine Digital designers are participating in a "Build A Kit" promotion.  We have all designed stuff using the same colors and the theme of Spring-sational.  I did get my parts uploaded late Thursday night. This is the paper pack:
You can purchase it for just $1 this weekend here.  And these are the elements:

You can also purchase it for just $1 this weekend here.  There is a lot more than is shown on the preview for the elements.  And take a look at what all of the designers have done here.  All of the parts are priced at just $1 this weekend.
I am also particpating in the "Match Me Baby" promotion this weekend.  Spend $6 or more in my store here and I will email you a coupon code for the same amount to use on your next purchase.  Also, I have put many kits on sale for this weekend.  So please go check it out and spend some money!! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

iNSD is coming

New stuff coming for iNSD on Saturday, including a freebie and a sale.