Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Old Freebies Re-Listed

I have moved a couple of freebies from the store to 4shared. Since some of you might not of seen them, I am making a new post to re-advertise them.

And I hope that you will consider a purchase of the kits that these freebies go with:

And to further entice a sale, I have put these two kits on sale for 25% off!!

You can buy the kit Batikin' Me Crazy here.
You can buy the kit Bohemian Fantasy here.

And you can download the freebies on 4shared:
Batikin' Me Crazy 4 Paws *** Update 8/20/2010 - Sorry, freebie no longer available ****
Bohemian Fantasy Extras here and
Home Sweet Freebies  *****  Update 8/01/11 - Sorry, freebie no longer available ******

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

R U Dreaming of a Freebie?

It's the first of the month again (ok, it's the 2nd, but this time it isn't my fault I'm late!) and you know that means another freebie:
And it also means a sales pitch for the new monthly collab mega kit "Dreamer" at!! 

This is a huge kit with 68 papers, 28 solid and textured papers and 40 patterned papers,

36 ribbons (actually I think there are more),
2 stairs, 11 stars, 2 windows, 13 planets,
23 frames, 7 moons, 2 beds, 9 clouds,
2 comets, 1 crib, 22 brads, 2 beads, 7 strings,
4 pillows,  1 butterfly, 1 net, 5 bows, buttons,
4 bears, 1 branch, 1 candle, 1 rain drop,
7 flowers, 1 owl, 1 plane, 4 sheep, 1 swirl,
1 doll, 2 staples, 1 umbrella, 1 stitching,
1 bootie, 1 tag, 1 wing,

11 word arts
3 alphas
2 brag book albums
9 quick pages

And all for only $6 for the month of March!!  and to further entice a sale, here are some closeups of just my part:

I went a little crazy making ribbons... and frames... and planets lol!

******  UPDATED  8/01/11  *******
Sorry, no longer available