Thursday, December 22, 2011

Freebies of Christmas Past

I am relisting some freebies from previous years for those who missed them.  Today is the Sweet Christmas Xtras freebie.  I sure did go wild making ornaments....

Sweet Christmas is basically a Build-A-Kit series with the individual pieces priced at just $1 each, but also with several different package deals for big savings.

You can find them in my store on page 2 starting here.  And even better they are all on sale through Christmas!

Now with the individual pieces at $1 each they do not meet the minimum purchase requirement of $1.50, but the special deals do - and you wanted more than one anyway, right?  So shop 'till you drop here!  And here are some Sweet Christmas layouts to give you inspiration, first by me (I did use some templates by Claudi) and then by Dara.

You can download the Sweet Christmas Extras freebie from Divine Digital's secure server here or from 4shared here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hybrid Gift Bag Freebie

This set of small gift bags freebie is available today in the Divine Digital Forums.  Instructions for assembly with photos are included, including tips on what I did wrong myself when assembling the bag you see in the photo.

And while you are there, please check out this cool posting contest I am sponsoring.  The winner gets a $20 gift coupon to my store!!  And speaking of my store, don't forget that the Holiday Blitzen sale is going on!!

And in case you missed yesterday's post, I have 5 new products in the store plus a new freebie!

You can purchase the Hark! The Angels Textured Papers here.
You can purchase the Hark! The Angels Alphas Pack here.
You can purchase the Hark! The Angels Nativity set here.
You can purchase the Jolly Holiday kit here.
You can purchase the Jolly Holiday Sprinkles Add-On Mini Kit here.
And you can download your Jolly Holiday Xtras Freebie Sampler here from Divine Digital's secure server or from 4shared here.

And don't forget that on the 20th I will have a special one day only freebie in the Divine Digital Forums!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hark! The Angels sing Jolly Holiday Freebie!!

Oh, 'tis the season to loose one's mind!  I have been slaving away over a hot computer getting things ready and in the store.  Lots has been done, but still more to do!

First off everything is on sale 30% off through Christmas Day.  The discount appears in your shopping cart and not on the store prices.  So the real price is 30% off what you see as the lowest price in the store.  The Fine Print:  You must have a minimum purchase of $1.50 to get the extra 30% off discount.  This is because of the high PayPal fees on orders under $1.00.  So the sale price is good on the $1 items, but you have to buy at least two of them.

And speaking of $1 items, there are 3 new ones in the store (actually 4, but I will talk about the 4th one later).  We are having another Build-A-Kit event at Divine Digital.  This is where multiple designers make multiple small kits and kit items all using the same color scheme and theme.  This time the theme is "Hark! The Angels" and these are my three contributions priced at $1 each.

You can purchase the Hark! The Angels Textured Papers here.
You can purchase the Hark! The Angels Alphas Pack here.
You can purchase the Hark! The Angels Nativity set here.

Keep in mind that if you buy two of them (or one with anything else in my store), then they are only 70 cents each during the sale.

And I also have a new kit in the store!!!  Jolly Holiday is great for scrapping all your Christmas photos.  It's a big kit - 350 MB with 22 papers and 256 elements. It's so big I even did an Add-On Mini-Kit for it, too.

The Sprinkles Add-On will also be good for scrapping party pics, especially New Year's Eve pics.  The Sprinkles Add-On is priced at just $1, but with the sale it is only 70 cents when purchased with something else.

You can purchase the Jolly Holiday kit here.
You can purchase the Jolly Holiday Sprinkles Add-On Mini Kit here.
And you can download your Jolly Holiday Xtras Freebie Sampler here from Divine Digital's secure server or from 4shared here.

There are a lot of things going on at Divine Digital for the 12 Days of Christmas.  I am hosting the Chatterbox Posting Challenge where you can win a $20 gift coupon to my store.  Click here to get all the details on how to enter!

I will also have a hybrid freebie for y'all tomorrow (Wednesday December 13th) in the Divine Digital Forums.  And I will be the "Red Nosed Designer" on the 20th with a very special one day only freebie - so don't miss it!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sale and Freebie!

Happy Thanksgivin! Yes, it's that time again - Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday and turkey leftovers.  So I've put everything on sale.

Everything is 30% off.  Discount is taken when you put it in your shopping cart.  The fine print:  minimum purchase of $1.50.  So please buy something here!!!!

And to entice you here to look at the sale add and hopefully buy something, I have a small freebie for you called Dis N Dat.  That's cause it's a mixture of stuff, some leftovers from other kits, some stuff I just made testing out actions, some stuff that somebody asked for and some stuff I can't remember why I made.  But maybe it will be perfect for some layout you are working on.
You get 6 papers 12" x 12" in jpg format.  And in png format the elements are 6 frames, 3 buttons, 3 brads, a rose, one string bow, one lacy bow, one lacy wrap, 6 ribbons (1 curly, 2 folded, 1 flat, 1 curly with bow), 1 heart with ribbons and 2 journaling tags.  All done in 300 ppi for personal use.

You can download from 4shared here or from Divine Digital's secure server here.  And don't forget to go and shop 'till you drop on your keyboard here

Friday, November 4, 2011


Yep, I'm having a sale for Digital Scrapbooking Day, only the sale goes all weekend.  And this time no coupon code.  The discount will appear automatically in your shopping cart.  A minimum purchase of $1.50 is required because of the huge paypal fees for orders under $1.

I've been really busy, so I don't have a new freebie for you, but for those who are already getting snow I am relisting this freebie again.

So check out my store on sale here and buy something please!
You can download the A Winter's Kiss mini-kit freebie on 4shared here.

The two previous posts do have new freebies (HallowBling! and School's Cool).  I'm not sure if the search engines listed them, so scroll back and check and see if you have them or not.

Monday, October 31, 2011

HallowBling! is back and with a treat

Need some bling in your Halloween?
More freebie ribbons, this time folded and curled and roughed up a bit.  Plus a bonus grungy black paper.  But y'all know the drill, before I give you the freebie link, you get the sales pitch for the new kit and the new alphas!

The new HallowBling Alphas come in 8 colors and styles.  You get 16 uppercase letters and 12 punctuation character.  They are great for adding a touch of bling to any Halloween layout.

And here is HallowBling! 3, the third kit in the series and biggest yet.  HB3 has all the blingy papers and Halloween characters that you expect, but new to this kit are the more traditional (but yet still blingy) scrapbooking elements of bows, buttons and flowers.  And even more ribbons - both flat and folded.

Here is a layout done by my CT member Dara for inspiration

As usual, there are all kinds of purchasing options and special deals.
You can purchase just the new HallowBling! 3 kit here.
You can purchase just the new HallowBling! Alphas here.
You can purchase the new HallowBling! 3 kit and the alphas together at a discount here.
And if you missed the previous HallowBling kits, you can purchase all 3 kits together at a discount here or you can purchase all 3 kits and the alpha together for the biggest discount here.

And you can download your HallowBling! Ribbons 2 freebie from 4shared here or from Divine Digitals' secure server here.

And if you missed the previous HallowBling! Ribbons 1 freebie (the regular flat versions of the ribbons) you can still download it from 4shared here or from Divine Digitals' secure server here.

Happy Halloween with some bling!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

School's Cool

It's back to school time.  Or has been.  I should change my name to Amm Tardy.  Hopefully you haven't scrapped all of your school pics yet, as I have a new kit in the store.  And yes, a freebie sampler, too.
And as usual I am going to give you the sales pitch for the kit before giving you the download link for the freebie!

This is a good sized kit of approximately 335 MB.  It contains:

31 Papers and 1 Overlay
8 Flat Ribbons, 8 Curled Ribbons and 8 Folded Ribbons
3 Ribbons with Bows, 1 Ribbon Flower and 5 RicRacs
10 Frames and 9 Tags
16 Buttons and 18 Center Button Stitches in separate files
7 Bows and 54 Brads
16 Flowers and 3 Eyelet Runners
6 Stitching Rows and 4 Strings with Bows
9 Sissors and 8 Glue Bottles
10 Crayons and 11 Pencils
5 Binder Clips and 5 Staples
and 18 other school themed embellishments.

 And there is also a co-ordinating alpha back with two full alphas with lots of extra math type symbols.  You can purchase one or the other or both together at a special low price in a special package deal.

I've made extra previews to try and show all of the goodies in this kit, but there are still a few things that are not pictured.

And I'm also going to show you some layouts Dara did (I'm just so determined to make this a long post with lots of pictures!):

OK, time for the links:

You can purchase the School's Cool kit here.
You can purchase the School's Cool alphas here.
You can purchase both the School's Cool kit and alphas at a discounted price here.
And you can get the freebie sampler here.

Yes, the freebie is in the store.  You will have to register and put it in your shopping cart and check out in order to get it, but you do not have to buy anything.  The store will let you check out with a $0 order.

And don't forget that the coupon code that was in the Boys 2 Men downloads is still active and is good for 3 uses per customer.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Brag Book Exchange and a fix for an Ooopps!

Divine Digital does a bi-monthly Brag Book Exchange Challenge over in the Forums.  How it works is that you create at least one brag book size quick page using the most recently completed Download-A-Day kits.  You send the pages (or a link) to Challenge Hostess Wendi, who compiles them all into one download and at the end sends the link to all who have participated.  So the Brag Book quick pages wind up exclusive to those who particpate.  To entice more participation, I have created and contributed 4 pages.
So go check out the exchange here.
If you missed any of the Boys 2 Men kits or Add-Ons they are all in the store.  You can purchase each one individually for $1, or there is a special package deal of all 6 kits for $3 and also all 3 Add-Ons for $1.50.

It has been brought to my attention that I goofed when making this frame that was in the Day 31 kit:
I left some drop shadow stray pixels off of the points of the stars.  If you purchased the kit you can always have your downloads reset and download it again.  Of course I realize that most will not want to do a whole download for one file, and also that most of you downloaded it as a freebie.  So I have made a small download with just the fixed frame.  You can download it here.

And please stay tuned as I hope to have a new kit (and a freebie sampler) in the store this week.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Day for Boys 2 Men

The Boys 2 Men Download-A-Day series is coming to an end and going out with a bang with something from all 3 designers today!

Now that's a lot of stuff!  So you better hurry over to the Divine Digital Forums here as the links are only active for 24 hours after they are posted there.  You do have to register for the Forums (and click on the link in the email you will get sent to complete your registration) in order to get the Download-A-Day freebie, but registration is free. The download link is only active for 24 hours from when it is posted in the forum here. But if you get there too late, look around, there will be another freebie. That is why it is called the Download-A-Day (DAD). And even if it is expired, you can still purchase it in the store for a low price.

Today is also the last day to pick up the Third Add-On Alpha here ** sorry, link has expired**.  Once the DAD ends it goes in the store as well.
Please note that each day's DAD and each Add-On will be in the store individually and as a part of two package deals with special pricing - one deal for all 6 DAD kits and a second deal for all 3 Add-On Alphas.

And for your viewing enjoyment, here is another layout by Dara: