Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Blog Train

Choo choo!!!  Here comes the B2K Valentine's Day blog train with freebies!!

We are also having a big Valentine's weekend sale over at

So please go check out my store here I do have a new Valentine's kit that has lots of bling. 

The first stop on the Valentine's blog train is in the Bits2Kits forum here.  Yes, there is a freebie posted there for you, too, so go get it if you haven't already.  Also, all of the blogs are listed there, so if you get lost you can go there and find your way again.  The designers are in many different time zones, so some might not have their part up just yet.  (Or I could be the last one to post again!)

To download my part of This Love, there are some options.

For those with a high speed internet connection, to download the whole kit in one big 88 MB download click here

*****  Update ******  Sorry, freebie has expired  ****************
And to get to the next stop on the blog train, click here for Binty's blog

And here is a list of all of the blog stops:

Sus Designs
LM Design
Nanabanana Scraps
Facebook  or non Facebook users try here

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wanna be Wild & Cheap 4 Valentine's Day?

I went back into my stash and found a few more extras and 2 quickpages from my Wild @ Heart kit.

The previous freebie from this kit is still available:
And oh yeah, this is the kit:
It's a really huge kit with over 500mb of stuff!  And it will be on sale starting Friday for Valentine's Day.  In fact, my whole store will be on sale this weekend!

And if you have already bought everything I have made, well, I did get a new kit done for Valentine's Day.  It has lots of bling!!!
You get 9 gorgeous glittery and gold filigree frames.

There are 7 glittery foiled and gold blinged to the max papers, along with 7 grungy solid/patterned not blinged papers just in case you think bling frames on bling papers is overdoing it.

Likewise 15 ribbons, 8 of them with blingy hearts and 7 of them plain along with 7 fashionably folded versions of blingy ribbons.

When it comes to bows, there are 19 total - 10 of them are blinged.

Also included are 8 blingy buttons and 7 blingy tags.

There are two blinged wordarts in different color combinations for a total of 5 wordarts.

Everything is done in high resolution 300 ppi. Papers are in 12" x 12" jpg format, except for one paper in png format that has a gold filagree edge.

Personal use, but scrapping for others for gifts or digital photo swaps is permitted.  I'm sorry to be getting it in the store so late, but I have been offline for 2 weeks with technical difficulties.  I hope you haven't spent all of your Valentine's allowance. 

OK, enough sales pitch, here are the links:

Buy the new kit ValenBling here
Buy the oldie but goodie mega kit Wild @ Heart here

******  Sorry, freebies have expired  **********
And remember that everything in my store is on sale starting Friday for Valentine's Weekend here

And come back tomorrow for another Valentine's freebie as is having a store blog train!!!

CHD Awareness Blog Train

Choo Choo!!  Here I am as the caboose for the Blog Train!!  I am finally back online.

CHD (Congenital Heart Defects) Awareness Week is Febuary 7th through 14th.  Apparently CHD is one of the most common birth defects and as many as 1 in 100 babies are born with it. Though many treatments are available, unfortunately it usually means lots of doctor and hospital visits for the little ones.  For that reason my contribution to the blog train has a very medical theme.

There are a few more elements than shown, mainly some more color variations on the pills and shots.  The papers are more generic, including some grungy solids that can be used for any type of layout.

The other participants in the blog train are:


Winks Art

Shelly Chua

Calli Scrap

Meredith Cardall

Since the blog train started on the 7th and I am late due to technical difficulties, you will need to scroll down to find the post on some of these active blogs (but it will be worth it!).

And finally here are my links.  They are on 4shared, which recently suffered some hacker activity, so please let me know if any virus alerts are triggered!!

For those of you on high speed internet, you can download the entire kit in one big 62 mb download here.

For those of you on dial-up, here are links for 3 smaller downloads:
Elements ** see update below before downloading, please!!
Papers Part 1
Papers Part 2

**** UPDATE Sat Feb 13th at 11:25 am central *****

I just got feedback from somebody that their AVG virus alerted on the elements file.  It was scanned clean by 4shared's Kasperky anti-virus when I uploaded it, but just in case some hackers have messed with it since then, I have uploaded it again and you can get it here  I am not deleting the old link just yet as AVG lost credibility with me a few years back when they flagged an important Windows file as a virus and screwed a bunch of people up by deleting it.  I would appreciate feedback from people with other anti-virus software as to whether or not their programs alerted.  Also, 4shared seems to have a lot of traffic right now.  If you get a server limit message, just come back and try later.  I have no plans to delete any of the links anytime soon - except of course if they are virus infected, then I will replace.  But do remember to come back, please!!!

If you are new to my blog, please scroll through the old posts.  Almost every one of them has a freebie!!!  And please do come back, as I will have some Valentine freebies up soon, including a Valentine's blog train starting I think on the 13th.  (I have a lot of catching up to do after being offline for 2 weeks!!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Internet problems, but still a freebie 4 U

It's the first of the month again - ok, it is the 5th and I'm late.  My modem died Wednesday night of last week.  Rather than pay $80 for a new one, I decided to upgrade to AT&T's U-Verse and get faster service with a new free modem.  They were suppose to install it on Wednesday, but the installer said that the line into my house was too old to support U-Verse and I had to have a new one put in first.  I'm hoping it will all get done by next Wednesday, the 10th.  I'm over at a friend's house using his internet (give a big shout out and thank you to Clive!) in order to bring you this freebie.
It is a little freebie add on for the new February Bits2Kits Mega kit Bee My Honey:

This is a really nice collab kit that has:
67 papers, 37 patterned and 30 solid but textured,
1 bee bear, 6 bees, 1 bee hive,
12 buttons, 10 frames, 1 honey pot,
7 ric raks, 1 ripped paper, 2 stitches,
3 cluster frames, 1 charm, 10 hearts,
6 ribbons, 1 border, 1 trim, 1 bracket,
1 staple, 2 bears, 12 word arts,
1 petal, 3 glitters, 1 butterfly,
2 flowers, 1 leaf, 1 arrow, 1 lip ( kiss)
7 stickers, 6 tags, 4 bows,
2 doodles, 1 gem, 2 journalling strips,
1 string, 4 stamps, 1 diaper

2 Alphas
1 bear template
1 set of plastic styles

10 12x12 quick pages

And all for the low sale price of just $6 this month!!  To further intice a sale from you, here are the close-ups for my contribution:

***** Update 8/1/2010  ******  Sorry, not available any more *********
I hope to be back online soon with a new kit and more freebies.  There will be a Valentine's Weekend Sale over at  I have a neat kit "Wild @ Heart" that is great for Valentine's Day.  There is also a big freebie add on for it in the store.  B2K is also having a Valentine's Blog Train Freebie, too.