Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still Pawsitively Free

I'm baaaacckkkk.... and with another freebie for all the dog and cat lovers!

I found some papers that were just sitting on my hard drive and put some pawprint overlays on them to make them pet friendly.  And then I made some elements out of the papers.  It's a rather eclectic mix, but hopefully there will be something you can use for layouts of your darling furbabies.

And if you are wondering why it says "3" that's because there is an older freebie with the first two parts.  In case you missed it, I am relisting it again.

And here are your links on 4shared:

On the personal side, I want to thank everyone for the words of support.  I have some good news and a lot of bad news.  The good news is that I hope to be selling in another store in a couple of months, by summer's end and hopefully sooner.  The first bad news is that I did not get into the Alternative Teacher Certification program.  It was my fault.  I got completely mixed up about the test dates and how long it took to get the results.  I am just so stressed because my mother's condition just keeps getting worse.  She is very physically weak, unable to do almost anything for herself, even roll over in the bed.  She is also very mentally gone, very delusional.  And they don't seem to be happy delusions the majority of the time, but stressful delusions where she is running around trying to get something done.  She will be moving her arms around very slowly, and also moving her legs like she is marching.  Maybe she is reliving her Navy days.  It is getting harder and harder to understand her.  At first the words just did not form a sentence that made sense.  Now some of the words are slurred and not clear.  Physically her lower jaw is shifting and her lower teeth are in front of her upper teeth, especially on the left side.  I don't understand why this is happening.  I'm just trying to hang in there!