Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Stars @ Nite Are Big & Brite!!!

Deep in the Heart of Texas!!  And in my new kit, too, though technically since I'm near the coast I'm not in the Heart of Texas.  And, there is certainly enough light from the City of Houston to make it hard to go stargazing.  But anyway, it is a catchy tune.  And I sing it to my cocker Starla and she likes it (yes, I'm nutts).  So I made it the title of my new kit.

And it is a really big kit with 49 papers and 248 elements.  It's got all kinds of sky, star and space themed stuff.  But best of all for this week only it is the DIVINE DIVA DEAL and that means it is on sale for just $2 right here.  Where else are you going to find a deal like this?  But wait, it gets better.....

There is also the DIVINE DIVA DEAL CHALLENGE.  You can read all the rules here.  The Reader's Digest version is buy the kit, do a layout, post it in the forum and gallery and in return you get this for free:
You get 6 extra papers plus 30 Overlays (personal use) that you can put on any papers to make all kinds of layouts with shiny stars.  Or if you are shy about sharing your work online, you can buy this package on sale this week for only $1 here.  Or if you think that you need this overlay package to do the perfect layout for the challenge I will give you the co-ordinating alpha (that I haven't finished yet - will look like the title on the previews) for free.

I'm going to stop with my sales pitch and whine for just a minute here.... I really do appreciate my customers, but I really really really would like to see the layouts you all make with my stuff - any of my stuff.  So please, post them in Divine Digitals gallery, - heck, post them in every gallery that will allow it, post them on your blog, on your facebook page (I do have the Ann Ominous Designs fan page set up to where you can post them there, too) and please let me know with a link!!  I just might send you a coupon code (and hopefully I will set it up right and it will work!), cause I'm really getting desperate to see some layouts, so please please pretty please!!!  And to inspire you, here is a layout I just did with Stars @ Nite - and it isn't even with a night picture!!!

And for those of you who like to sample before you buy, yes, I have a little freebie for you.
Since my other freebies got pirated, this one is strictly in the store.  You can get it here. So happy scrapping everybody - and let me see those layouts please!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

More Stuff in the store

If Valentine's means something shiny and sparkly to you, then ValenBling is the kit for you!

Get some Bling! for yourself for only $2 here.

But if you are looking for something softer, then This Love is the kit for you.

Get This Love for only $2.25 here.

And if you just can't get enough Animal Attraction, then here is more, but with the extra grungy look of peeling paint.  And what is more exciting than watching paint peel?

Get this paper pack plus bonus hearts for just $1 here.

And if those prices aren't low enough for you and you want it cheaper...
And if you need some inspiration, here are some layouts by my CT member Dara:

Credits: photo by taliesman from morguefile [dot] com. Everything else from ValenBling by Ann Ominous Designs

Credits: photo by fviggiani from morguefile [dot] com Everything else from This Love by Ann Ominous Designs

And here is a layout using ValenBling! that I did myself of my dear Riki.

So what are you waiting for?  Go buy something here, please - and don't forget your coupon code!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011