Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Chippies Are Escaping!!!

Time is running out to get the chippies at the special low grab bag price!  (They were suppose to be let out of the bag a week ago and boy are they getting impatient!!)  Soon they will be individually packaged and individually priced.  So hurry and get them before the price goes up!!

Purchase "Must Love Cats & Dogs Grab Bag" here
Purchase "Must Love Other Animals Grab Bag" here

And if you really really hurry, you can use coupon code "BFWsale" before it expires at the end of Black Friday Weekend for an extra 25% off.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet Christmas & freebie return, plus coupon code for Black Friday weekend

It's beginning to look a lot like Sweet Christmas!!  Yes, the Sweet Christmas kit from last year is back, and so is the freebie of all the extra ornaments (just in one big new package now).

And the kit is now in the store at Divine Digital, with prices starting at $1 and package deals from $1.50 to $2.50.

So just click here and go to my store at Divine Digital and get the deal that meets your scrapping needs (family, snow, dogs and/or cats).

BUT WAITAMINUTE!!  Before you go, check out my Black Friday Weekend sale add with a COUPON CODE to save even more!!

And now to get your freebie ornaments on 4shared click here.  And check back next week for more freebies!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Grab Bag Sale and Free Shopping Bags!!

Divine Digital has a grab bag sale going on for 3 days only!!
And yes, I have not one, but two personal use grab bags in it!!

Why the "Must Love" titles?  Those are hints as to what the product is - and the product is for animal lovers.   The color swatch done in glitter and chipboard is another hint.  And waitaminute - I think I see a few critters trying to sneak out of the bag!!!  Ok, I will tell you what is in there:  each grab bag contains 5 chipboard animal element packs - one set in each color.  Grab bag #1 Must Love Cats & Dogs is all chipboard cats and dogs as well as few extra pet things like dogbones and fishbones.  Grab bag #2 Must Love Other Animals is all of the other chipboard animals (horses, rabbits, elephants, dolphins, birds, etc).  I had to break it up into two grab bags because there is so many animals.  The 5 sets in Cats & Dogs together are approximately 430 mb, and the 5 sets in Other Animals are approximately 450 mb.  (To get an idea of what the finished product looks like, but in a different color, check out my kit "Eclectic Mix 1 - only there is a lot more!)  Each set is specially priced at only $2, but just for the limited sale.  After that the grab bags will be gone and the 10 individual sets will go in the store at $1 each.  So buy now!!  When and where else are you going to get over 400 mb of stuff for only $2??

So purchase Grab Bag #1 "Must Love Cats & Dogs" here for only $2 for a limited time!
And purchase Grab Bag #2 "Must Love Other Animals" here for only $2 for a limited time!

And oh yeah, freebie ???  Did somebody say there was a freebie???

I have a little freebie for you of 5 shopping bags made from papers in my "Paws 4 Me" and "Batikin' Me Crazy 4 Paws" kits.  (These are the kits that the chipboard animals in the grab bags color co-ordinate with - and these kits are still on sale!!!)  You know me, I always make several variations of something before making up my mind which one I like best (if I can make up my mind).  And it just seemed like a waste to just delete these shopping bags after making them for the grab bag previews!!
So download your "Free Shopping Bags" on 4 shared here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Party tonite, New Kit, New Freebie

I have a new kit and a freebie sampler for you.  But first, I'm going to plug the party tonight with lots of things to win including some great freebies (even if they aren't by me) and a $5 coupon to my store.  And since just about everything is on sale, that's a great deal!

I think this post in the forum is the starting/information point.
And this is my new kit Coraline:
Kit includes:
16 papers + 3 paper tear pieces
14 glittery frames
11 fancy flowers + 1 flower border
2 decorative flourishes
7 buttons + 4 center stitches for them
6 butterflies and 7 birds
3 bows and 15 total ribbons (8 flat + 3 curled + 4 folded)
3 ricraks and 2 lines of stitching
5 photo corners and 4 photo prongs
3 paper clips and 5 staples
6 journaling tags

With a total of approximately 220 MB you will be able to do many layouts with this kit.
Personal use. High resolution 300 ppi. Papers are 12" x 12" jpg format. Elements in png format. Drop shadows for preview purposes only, except stitching lines and staples do have drop shadows for the holes.

And the freebie Coraline Xtras Includes:

6 papers
2 flowers and 1 flower tag
1 peacock
1 bow
1 border/multi-layered curved ribbon thingy

Right now the Coraline Xtras freebie is only available through my store at Divine Digital.  This means that you do have to register and put it in your cart and checkout.  But it is free.  However, you may have to wait a little bit to download it as right now zero dollar orders are not automatically processed, but have to be manually approved.  Sorry for the inconvience, but I hope you will think it is worth it.  (And if you buy the kit there is no wait.)  Here are the links:

****  Update April 2012 - Coraline is now for sale at Berry Sweet Scraps.  Xtras freebie is also there ****

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Kit, New Freebie and Sale extended

I am so tired!  I have been working hard on getting a new kit done.  It is part of this week's Project Color at Divine Digital:
Everybody who participates uses the same color scheme so that all of the kits will go together as a big mega-kit.  And this is my part, "Paws 4 Me"

Paws 4 Me is a different kind of pet kit. It is like a regular kit, just with paws on items. However, there are also co-ordinating papers and embellishments without paws so that you don't overload on paws. Paws 4 Me is for scrapping your pets with a more sophisticated look.
The kit is approximately 275 MB and contains:

18 papers (5 grungy solids and 13 patterned - 9 of those with paws)
12 flat ribbons and 3 curled ribbons with bows and 13 ricraks
17 frames (5 single frame, 3 doubles and 9 triples)
18 prong fastners and 9 binder clips and two staples sets
10 buttons and 8 bows
12 flowers and 10 flourishes
10 journaling tags
16 individual pawprints

That is a total of 140 elements.

All done in high resolution 300 ppi. Papers are 12" x 12" jpg format. Elements are in png format. Personal use, but scrapping for others for gifts and digital photo swaps is permitted. Please see TOU file.

But the best thing is that it is specially priced at only $2, but for a limited time!

And I have extended the iDSD sale prices:
So please go buy something!!

And yes, there is a small sampler freebie of some leftovers for you.  That was the first picture in this blog post.  So here are your links:

***  Update April 2012 - kit is now for sale at Berry Sweet Scraps and freebie has been enhanced.  Look for new post with new links ******

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big Sale for iDSD this weekend!!!

Actually it is more like 20% to 56% off.  I went crazy marking things down!

So go shopping here