Friday, February 22, 2013

New Kit and New Freebie

I have a new kit, well, er um sort of new, and a new freebie paper pack. 
The papers are some that I made a while back when I was experimenting with making my own overlays. They are rather big since they have a lot of subtle details, ie the speckles.

Snow & Glitter is the new kit.  Actually it is some stuff that I made for an old collab at DD plus some new stuff.  It has a bunch of glittery snowflake items for snow pics.  It is on sale for 20% off for the rest of February bringing the price from $1.80 down to only $1.44.  It can be purchased here.

You can download the Speckled Papers Pack on 4Shared here or Box here.

Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm back!!

For those that haven't heard, I suffered a stroke on Thanksgiving Day!  Fortunately it was a mild one, but recovery is slow.  I still tire very easily and talk funny.  I am also back in school and busy with school work.  But I have managed to get several Valentine's kit loaded up in my Bella Zingaro store and put on sale.  And I also got the Animal Attraction freebie uploaded for those of you who do not already have it.
But first comes the sales pitch.....
Here is what is available in Valentine's kits:

All of the Animal Attraction kits are available individually, too.

I did get one new kit released last fall before my stroke, but did not have time to do a blog post about it.  It is called "Paws 4 Autumn" and is great for fall pet pics.

The papers in the Xtras Freebie do not have any pawprints on them.  The two freebies are in the store, but no purchase is required.  You do have to register with the store and put them in your cart, but you can check out with a free order.  You can get the Animal Attraction Stacked Paper freebie here and the Paws 4 Autumn Xtras freebie here.  I have tried to hot link all of the other kit pictures.