Sunday, September 13, 2009

Name My New Kit and Win it!!

Since I have been having to do without PhotoShop Creative Suite - and all the problems I was having with it not working right before it totally quit, it has really put a damper on my designing. During this time I went through looking at all the stuff on my hard drive. I found a bunch of stuff with pawprints on it that I packaged together to make the Pawsively Free freebies that are in the previous post. I also found several papers out of some pretty pinks and greens along with a few bows made from them, too. So I challenged myself to make more elements to make a complete kit using just Photoshop Elements (I admit it: My name is Ann O and I am an actions addict!!). I've done a lot of bows, buttons, tags, ribbons and brads, along with 4 solid papers to co-ordinate with the patterned papers. My PS CS4 has arrived (yea!!!) and once it get it installed I will make some more frames and some flowers. I'm also going to make some glittery flourishes, too, since the tags have glittery flourishes.

But I don't know what to call this new kit. So I am having a name the kit contest. I am the judge (but I probably can be influenced by other people posting and saying that they like a particular name). If I pick your name for the kit, then you will win it. Or you can have your choice of any of my not so large collection of existing kits. Here is a preview with just some of the elements and not quite all of the papers (the only action I can run in PSE is one to make the preview for exactly 12 papers):

I am also open to suggestions for what else you would like to see in the way of elements. Maybe butterflies??? Oh gosh, I just realized something - I have made an alpha and I forgot to put any of the letters on the preview.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pawsitively Free

I'm going to start off by griping just about about something that isn't free - Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite. No, I don't expect Adobe to give PS CS away. I'm griping that my PS CS3 has gone totally flakey and now will not start! I went to the Adobe Forums to try and get some help, but what I read there makes me afraid that my copy purchased on eBay last year is a fake! A really good fool a lot of people fake, but still an illegal pirate bootleg. So I am trying to do the right thing. I have ordered PS CS4 directly from Adobe, so I know it won't be fake. But, it won't get here until the 14th. (Yes, I could of gotten an immediate download, but for that much money I want a box.)

So until PS CS4 arrives, my designing is very limited. I had been trying very hard to get the pet kit done that I have been working on for forever (seems like). I really wanted to have it done by the end of August. Now I'm hoping for the end of September. Look at my blog header for a sneak preview. Yes, there will be other dog breeds besides cocker spaniels and some cats, too. Leave a comment if you really really want a particular breed and I will try to oblige, once I can get back to work designing.

So with all this time on my hands, instead of cleaning the house I went through my hard drive. I found a bunch of stuff that I made sometime ago with pawprints. It's a rather large eclectic group of stuff, but still not really balanced enough to be a proper kit. And since I can't really design more stuff, I'm giving it away to you. I have packaged it up into a paper pack and an element pack. There are a few flowers and the tag in the element pack that don't have pawprints on them for you poor deprived folks with no furbabies to scrap. I just included them because they color co-ordinated with some of the other items. And there are two flairs with dogbones. The papers are some of the first ones I ever made, and a few of them kinda show it, so just remember that they were free and be kind. I went ahead and included them just in case somebody could use them some how. Like I said before, all the stuff is not that well balanced. You will probably need to include stuff from other kits to do a layout, even other designer's kits. I still would appreciate a link to see anything you do with these downloads (or any of my stuff).

And oh yea, there just might be a discount coupon in the downloads.....
**** UPDATE 10/7/09 ***** Freebie has been removed from the store. Please use these new 4 shared links:
Get the Pawsitively Free Elements Part 1 here
Get the Pawsitively Free Elements Part 2 here

Get the Pawsitively Free Papers Part 1 here
Get the Pawsitively Free Papers Part 2 here

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School's Cool Freebie

I'm making another post for the School's Cool freebie because (1) blogger won't let me edit the previous post and (2) it appears that the digi freebie search engines have some sort of issue with and will not pick up the store link for the freebie.

***** UPDATED 7/27/09 *** None of this is available anymore.  Freebie is being revamped for future re-release.