Friday, January 14, 2011

Sneak Peek of upcoming freebies!

Did you know that Divine Digital gives away a freebie every day in their forums?  It is called the Download A Day or DAD.  How it works is that 3 designers collaborate together on a kit.  It is released in the form of a mini-kit each day in the forum.  The link is only up for approximately 24 hours, so you have to go get it each day.  There are two full collaboration kits each month.  The next kit starts on the 16th.  Here is a sneak look at it:

I will probably also have a freebie on my blog.  (unlike most of my freebies, these will be for a short limited time)  So don't forget to go to the Divine Digital DAD Forum on Jan 16th!!!  (and check this blog, too!)

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