Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big Announcement

Unfortunately Berry Sweet Scraps had to shut down.  I have moved to Bella Zingaro Studios.  I am in the process of trying to get products loaded, but it is going to take some time.  Going back to school has kept me very busy.  I do have a new Halloween kit coming soon!


  1. I'm looking for your Nativity Set. Is there any way to get this kit?? I understand that it's part of a series and if so, I'd be interested in all of it!!

    I have a "contact" button on my blog if you can reply to this....thanks!!


  2. Ann, I have just been informed that RAKS is closing down, of which I'm sure you already know. I know that you had a stroke, and I wrote to you a few times from the RAKS thread, but now I just wanted to be sure that you were still available, I have you on my blog.

    This is my blog up above, and I hope that you are doing well. I haven't heard since you had the stroke just how things were going for you, but if you want to keep in touch with any of the girls, at least we know where you are and you can reach me also. The last thing I read on RAKS was that you had the stroke and it was Thanksgiving--so, are you able to write and are you interested in any site that you would want to be on. I have moved from RAKS awhile ago, and I would be so happy if your able and want to, to invite you to where I am at.

    God Bless you, I hope that you are doing better. Hugs and prayers coming your way--Bernie

  3. Hi Bernie! I am slowly but surely getting better (changing medications really helped!). I'm back in school and that takes a lot of my time. I'm taking it easy (yeah right!) with only 5 classes this semester. I have a few kits at Bella Zingaro studios (Link on upper right - blinkie doesn't blink like it is suppose to), but they are a bare bones store without a gallery or forum. I really do need to update this blog!