Friday, August 28, 2009

Back2School @ Bits2Kits

It's time to go back to school and over at the September collab kit has been released with a theme of "School's Cool". I've got a special co-ordinating freebie for you, too! You get 1 paper, 1 bow, 3 frames and 9 rulers.

But once again I'm going to be like the time share condo salesman and make you scroll through a sales pitch to go buy the kit before I give you the link to the freebie. Here's the big preview for the whole collab (of course everything is not shown):

For the sale price of only $6 through the end of September you get:

79 papers including 42 patterned and 37 textured solid papers,
2 apples, 1 book, 24 frames, 4 notepapers, 12 pencils,
3 pencil shaving scatters, 29 ribbons, 4 wax shaving scatters,
14 word arts, 5 tabs, 53 brads, 3 buttons, 4 chalkboards,
10 crayons, 3 eyelet ribbons, 6 glue pots, 9 scissors,
15 bows, 4 stars, 1 school, 10 flowers, 2 buses,
4 splatts, 1 A+, 1 paintbrush, 1 string, 1 pencil border,
1 book plate, 1 hinge, 1 paperclip, and
1 overlay
2 alphas
1 plastic style
1 grid paper style
1 tab book
8 quick pages.

And to further entice a sale from you, here are the previews for my contribution (though not everything is shown):

Here is the link for the collab kit:

Buy Bits2Kits School's Cool Mega Collab kit here

OK, now that you have endured the sales pitch, here is the link for the freebie:
***** UPDATED 7/27/09 *** None of this is available anymore, Freebie is being revamped for future re-release.

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