Saturday, August 1, 2009

Feeling Hot??!!

Are you Feeling Hot this summer? Would a freebie help make it better? Then here you go:

But wait, not so fast..... I'm going to give you a sales pitch before giving you the link. (Yes, I am as bad as a time share condo salesman!)

"Feeling Hot!" is the name of the August collab kit at This is my first time to ever do a collab kit, so the freebie is to promote it. Take a look at the preview:

You get: 55 papers including 14 solids, 5 backgrounds and 26 patterned,
9 Bows, 3 Eyelet ribbons, 14 Wraps,
2 Beach Balls, 22 Buttons, 1 Deckchair,
21 Frames, 1 Journalling paper, 1 Kite,
3 Sun's, 7 Sunglasses, 4 Swimsuits,
2 Umbrellas, 4 Tag's , 5 String's,
6 Flowers, 1 Bucket, 1 Spade,
4 Trees, 1 Flip flop, 2 Circle embelishments,
11 Ribbons, 1 Rake, 5 Shells,
2 Stones, 1 Boat, 5 Brads,
1 Set of stitches, 1 Clip
1 Sand, 1 Sand Dollar, 1 Staple
3 worded Sticks, 1 Girl,
1 Full alpha, 1 set of glitter styles, 1 set of plastic styles and 6 12x12 quick pages. Whew! Isn't that a lot??!! And for this month it is on sale for $6.00 Here is the link to purchase the collab kit:

Of course, everything is not shown in the collab preview - there's just too much! To further entice a purchase from you, here are the previews for my contributions:

Once again, here is the link to purchase the collab kit on sale this month:

And here is the link for the freebie: ***** UPDATED 7/27/09 *** None of this is available anymore, which is why you see a bunch of red X's.  Freebie is being revamped for future re-release.


  1. Hey how are you doing? Thanks for your feedback on the dog kit. Well Tia, to say the least sorry for the inconvenience of not been able to please everyone! Unfornately I only make papers at 1000x1000, 'cause that's all my program can take to make them at. I just started putting stuff together (for fun) and I don't like to work with huge stuff! Harder to work with when making the papers & what not. Re: to the elements I make them at whatever I think it looks great at according to paper's size that I make them at. If I make them too big it loses out its resolution. I do not make these professionally digital at 12x12 or whatever! Next time I make them in taggers' size (like some out there) like this everyone is happy! If you want every kit at 12x12 size then I suggest you buy those professional ones whatever, at greater resolution that you want. It's a kit and it's free ( I do not sell them like you) be happy with it. If not, well I'm not here to make requests nor I'm going to change unless I decide to start selling my kits/designs and purchase better programs to work with - that do make bigger papers at 12x12 and so on. Thanks for your support just the same. -Xena

  2. ONLY A SUGGESTION: I have a suggestion for you. Once you complete your page scrap (of course the size is 1000x1000), just have to save it at the size you started with and then use PSP or Photoshop and just resize your page complete at 3600x3600 & sharpen it just a touch and voila you got a page at 3600x3600. It works for me! I find most papers & elements at 3600x3600 are not so focus at that huge size. It evens looks blurred. But then again, I guess you don't see that with some kits. But anyways it's a just a suggestion. You do as you please. I do as I please as well. Happy scrappin'. -Xena

  3. keeps those crooks from stealing and enhancing my stuff and selling them afterwards! LOL That is as well a reason I make the size I do! I don't ususally put together kits (just started to get into it) I just make's easier to make and faster. I have no time to be perfect for others especially if it's for free. Sorry dear.
    Have a wonderful day!
    PS Cocker Spaniel is definite my favorite dog. I used to have one when I was just 10y old..he is long gone.