Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pawsitively Free

I'm going to start off by griping just about about something that isn't free - Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite. No, I don't expect Adobe to give PS CS away. I'm griping that my PS CS3 has gone totally flakey and now will not start! I went to the Adobe Forums to try and get some help, but what I read there makes me afraid that my copy purchased on eBay last year is a fake! A really good fool a lot of people fake, but still an illegal pirate bootleg. So I am trying to do the right thing. I have ordered PS CS4 directly from Adobe, so I know it won't be fake. But, it won't get here until the 14th. (Yes, I could of gotten an immediate download, but for that much money I want a box.)

So until PS CS4 arrives, my designing is very limited. I had been trying very hard to get the pet kit done that I have been working on for forever (seems like). I really wanted to have it done by the end of August. Now I'm hoping for the end of September. Look at my blog header for a sneak preview. Yes, there will be other dog breeds besides cocker spaniels and some cats, too. Leave a comment if you really really want a particular breed and I will try to oblige, once I can get back to work designing.

So with all this time on my hands, instead of cleaning the house I went through my hard drive. I found a bunch of stuff that I made sometime ago with pawprints. It's a rather large eclectic group of stuff, but still not really balanced enough to be a proper kit. And since I can't really design more stuff, I'm giving it away to you. I have packaged it up into a paper pack and an element pack. There are a few flowers and the tag in the element pack that don't have pawprints on them for you poor deprived folks with no furbabies to scrap. I just included them because they color co-ordinated with some of the other items. And there are two flairs with dogbones. The papers are some of the first ones I ever made, and a few of them kinda show it, so just remember that they were free and be kind. I went ahead and included them just in case somebody could use them some how. Like I said before, all the stuff is not that well balanced. You will probably need to include stuff from other kits to do a layout, even other designer's kits. I still would appreciate a link to see anything you do with these downloads (or any of my stuff).

And oh yea, there just might be a discount coupon in the downloads.....
**** UPDATE 10/7/09 ***** Freebie has been removed from the store. Please use these new 4 shared links:
Get the Pawsitively Free Elements Part 1 here
Get the Pawsitively Free Elements Part 2 here

Get the Pawsitively Free Papers Part 1 here
Get the Pawsitively Free Papers Part 2 here


  1. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 19 Sep [LA 07:25pm, NY 09:25pm] - 20 Sep [UK 02:25am, OZ 12:25pm] ).

  2. Ann, just downloaded and your kits are beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing so much. A great kit!

  3. tyvm for sharing this great furbaby kit! I love the pink paw paper!!!

  4. Thought I'd come back and let you know where I posted your kit with my LO about Brandi! Again tyvm! Great kit!

  5. thank you so much for sharing this adorable kit!