Sunday, September 13, 2009

Name My New Kit and Win it!!

Since I have been having to do without PhotoShop Creative Suite - and all the problems I was having with it not working right before it totally quit, it has really put a damper on my designing. During this time I went through looking at all the stuff on my hard drive. I found a bunch of stuff with pawprints on it that I packaged together to make the Pawsively Free freebies that are in the previous post. I also found several papers out of some pretty pinks and greens along with a few bows made from them, too. So I challenged myself to make more elements to make a complete kit using just Photoshop Elements (I admit it: My name is Ann O and I am an actions addict!!). I've done a lot of bows, buttons, tags, ribbons and brads, along with 4 solid papers to co-ordinate with the patterned papers. My PS CS4 has arrived (yea!!!) and once it get it installed I will make some more frames and some flowers. I'm also going to make some glittery flourishes, too, since the tags have glittery flourishes.

But I don't know what to call this new kit. So I am having a name the kit contest. I am the judge (but I probably can be influenced by other people posting and saying that they like a particular name). If I pick your name for the kit, then you will win it. Or you can have your choice of any of my not so large collection of existing kits. Here is a preview with just some of the elements and not quite all of the papers (the only action I can run in PSE is one to make the preview for exactly 12 papers):

I am also open to suggestions for what else you would like to see in the way of elements. Maybe butterflies??? Oh gosh, I just realized something - I have made an alpha and I forgot to put any of the letters on the preview.