Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Slaving away over a hot computer!

I have been sitting here in front of the computer starting with the weekend getting stuff made for the big Christmas giveaways. And I do not have good posture. My back hurts, my neck and shoulders, my knee (ok, that doesn't have anything to do with sitting) but most of all my butt hurts!! I'm even having fantasies about a butt massage that are not sexual!! I have a memory foam computer chair, but I'm thinking it has gotten compacted and all the good is gone from it. And why have I been doing all this, you ask? Well, this is why:

sigh. thank you for reading my whine. You better like all these freebies I'm making - or at least pretend you do!!!!

And I am going to have some sort of sale for Black Friday, maybe the whole weekend. I'm trying to get it co-ordinated with SAS.

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