Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Need Some Bling In Your Halloween?

Hmmm.... is there an echo in this blog?  Ok then, need more bling in your Halloween?
But first it is finally time for the

I am now selling my products exclusively at Divine Digital!  There was a big delay because the site crashed back in May thanks to some hackers.  Getting the site back up even required a change in host server companies. (Long story!)  But the site is back up and the designers are loading up their stores and I am loading up my new store.  There are new kits and new freebies in my store, so please go take a look!  However, with the change in host server companies some software customization is in the process of being rewritten.  So right now there are two restrictions: (1) free ($0) orders are not automatically processed.  Royanna has to manually approve them.  She tries to do this twice a day, but life happens so please be patient.  and (2) there is only one download per product.  Since my kits are usually big, this means some huge zip files that are going to be problems for anyone on dial-up.  (I haven't loaded my two biggest kits in the store because of this.)  Royanna says there are alternatives, so I can ask her if need be.  These restrictions are temporary, but we don't know for sure for how long.

So now back to our regulary scheduled sales pitch, er freebie....  Remember this kit from last year?  (Of course it now has a new preview!)

It really seemed a little bit incomplete, so I made more!!  Here's Part 2:
So now with the ribbon freebies you can just bling your Halloween layouts to the extreme!!  Here are some detailed close-ups:

Ok, since you have been so patient through the sales pitch, here are the links:

Check out my entire store here.  I've put stuff on SALE!!
Purchase HallowBling! 1 here.
Purchase HallowBling! 2 here
Purchase BOTH HallowBling! 1 and HallowBling! 2 at a DISCOUNT Price here.

And for your Freebie HallowBling! Ribbons you can download them from 4 Shared here or you can dowload them from Divine Digtal's server here (no need to go to the store, just click and download starts).

Come back soon, because things are starting to happen (and yes, another freebie!)


  1. Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

  2. Thank you for the great BLING ribbons. Halloween's my favorite dress-up day!
    - mskinsey

  3. Thank you for the ribbons, they are great to have and I still love the little paw prints that are on them also. I'm a great animal lover also. Man thanks.

  4. Thanks for the freebies! :) Can't wait to see your store fill up even more, I love your style!

  5. I dont know how to grab them. Please help me-