Monday, March 14, 2011

Are you on the hunt for Easter?

Ready to spring into Spring?  Then I have the kit for you!

Easter Hunt is a combination Easter and Spring kit.  If it looks a little bit familar it is because it was given away in 4 parts as a freebie last year.  It has been just been repackaged, so check and make sure you do not already have it - or have all 4 parts of it.  If you don't, then you can purchase it here for the low price of just $1. 

And I am getting ready to let the dogs out - and the kitties, too.  I know I have been saying this for several months now, but I have been working on the previews and gotten them done!  See:

You can take this as a reveal of the Must Love Cats & Dogs Grab Bag.  Each set of cats & dogs is available in 5 colors.  Each color pack will be priced at $1.  There will be a special pack of just the cats in all 5 colors and of just the dogs in all 5 colors.  If you want both cats and dogs in all 5 colors then the cheapest thing to do is to get them in the grab bag for just $2 here right now - because once the dogs & cats are loose the grab bag dissapears for good!!

And if you want to see what is in the Must Love Other Animals Grab Bag, here is the one preview I have finished:
I will be doing a special pack of just the horses in all 5 colors:
I am open to suggestion for other special value packs from Chippies 2.  But again, if you want to get all of the other animals in all of the other colors, then you need to go get the Grab Bag here for just $2 before it is gone.

So keep watching for when the animals do get released because I will have a small freebie then!!

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  1. Cute kits! Love the different colors and the sparkle.