Friday, March 4, 2011

Stars @ Nite Alphas are Big & Brite

I finally got the alphas finished and in the store.  Sorry it took me so long, but I did get just a little bit burned out and needed a designing break.  And then like the insurance commercial says, sometimes "life comes at you fast!"  It is raining cockers at the area shelters.  Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue is just really overwhelmed and in bad need of fosters, so Charlie is now living with me and the rest of the Chantrels while she undergoes heartworm treatment.  And yes, she is female and her name is Charlie.  Apparently somebody at the Pearland Shelter needs an anatomy lesson - they named her Charlie and put her in their system as a male!!  It wasn't until Marie sprung her that she realized that he was a she.  So here are some pictures of Charlie enhanced with items from Stars @ Nite as well as some photo masks by Youandi and SAS Designs.

Now back to the sales pitch... You get 5, count 'um 5 complete alphas for one low price. Each alpha has 122 individual png files - the standard 26 uppercase letters, 26 lowercase letters, 10 numerals, lots of punctuation and other usual symbols PLUS all the special letters and thingys for other languages like Spanish, French, German and Swedish.  If I am missing anything needed for the other languages please let me know and I will figure out how to make it.

Since I really intended to have the alphas available as part of the Divine Diva Deal week, I am pretending that Stars @ Nite is still the Divine Diva Deal and offering it for one week at the low DDD price of just $1.50.  That is all 5 alphas for $1.50!  I'm also keeping the kit and overlays at the low DDD price of $2 and $1 respectively for one more week.  And of course, the freebie Xtras are still free!!!
Since my other freebies got pirated, this one is strictly in the store.  You can get it here.
You can get the Stars @ Nite kit here and the Overlays and bonus papers here.
And the new Alphas pack is available here.

And anybody interested in adopting Charlie or another cocker spaniel or just helping out, please click here.

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