Saturday, May 21, 2011

Computer still broke! :((

My PC is still in the shop.  They are now replacing the motherboard.  This loaner PC is not very powerful.  I did install Photoshop CS4 on it so I could do some work, but it is really slow at refreshing the screen.  Sometimes it doesn't refresh the screen at all unless I move the window around.  Anyway, the two parts of SpringSational that I got loaded into the store the night before the crash are still priced at just $1 each.
Purchase for just $1 here

Purchase for just $1 here

These are part of a "Build-A-Kit" series, so there are other items by other designers using the same color scheme.  That being said, would y'all be interested if I did another elements pack of more conventional elements like bows, ribbons and tags?

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