Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I finished my new kit. Well, actually I had it almost finished over 2 weeks ago when my pc hung in the middle of running a PS action to make a ricrak. I tried to reboot it, but got a "hal.dll" corrupted error message. Attempts to use the Windows recovery console to replace hal would not work. It kept telling me I didn't have access authority. Well, the blankety blank would never prompt me for the admin password to show I had authority!! Next step was to reinstall Windows (XP was what I was running). No luck. It would get to a certain point and hang. We tried installing on different hard drives. We tried installing with two different dvd drives. We tried installing both XP and the new Win7. Nothing would work. Same point and hang. Let us now observe a moment of silence in memory of my old pc "Persnikity"......

So I went shopping for a new PC. Long story short, I had the misfortune to bring home one that was defective. The first night it just all of a sudden rebooted on me while I was surfing the internet. I thought it was just Vista being flakey. But the sudden reboots continued and were joined by hangings and the blue screens of death. These would all happen while doing various things and even while trying to boot up. I had gotten the service agreement, so I took it in. They said they would send it back to the manufacturer for repair and it would take 6 to 8 weeks and I could get a loaner pc the next day. I said forgetaboutit! I did not spend that much money to be on a loaner pc for 2 months. I went home to get the rest of its stuff and to get my stuff off of it. I had gotten just about everything off when it refused to boot up for good. So back it went for a refund and I got my 2nd new pc.

The second new pc is doing just fine. Yeah!!! So after my sad tale of computer woes, here is the big annoucement:

The winner of the "Name my new kit" contest is Jackie with "Bohemian Fantasy"

I'm in the process right now of getting it all organized and zipped up and then uploaded to the store. I hope to have this all done before the weekend, so check back here in a day or two. Oh yea, there just might be a freebie........

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  1. Congratulations to Jackie for naming the new kit. It is very appropriate. LOL!